This session delivers a high-energy workout that burns calories fast whilst developing hand-eye co-ordination, balance and timing as you work off aggression and build up a sweat.

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Box will teach basic boxing techniques in a safe, non-contact environment and uses punch bags and focus pads. This is a high intensity interval workout where speed and endurance are put to the test in a variety of boxing specific fitness drills.

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Cardiovascular Endurance

Work across 4 heart rate zones

Improves cardiovascular endurance, specifically anaerobic performance by challenging participants to work at 4 different heart rate zones using FitMetrix

Body Composition

Anabolic Change in Body Composition

Improves body composition by targeting an overall anabolic change in body composition where the preservation of lean mass is sought whilst fat burning is achieved.

Body Composition

Strict work:rest ratios

Find your focus as we set you easy to understand targets to work towards every 3 months focusing on specific component of fitness.

Endurance 50%
Cardio 50%
Strength 50%
Body Composition 50%

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