Burn has been designed to improve cardiovascular endurance and body composition as you burn calories over longer duration, lower intensity work sets.

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A tough cardiovascular challenge that will test your ability to moderate your efforts and pace yourself as you race against the clock in an effort to set new personal bests. Burn is a steady state, low impact workout where the aim is to keep working until the end.

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Cardiovascular Endurance

Improve cardiovascular endurance

Improve aerobic performance by challenging you to restrict your heart rate to zones using FitMetrix for specific lengths of time throughout the session.

Body Composition

Anabolic change in body composition.

Improves body composition by targeting an overall anabolic change in body composition where the preservation of lean mass is sought whilst fat burning is achieved.

Body Composition

Maximise fat burning.

Strict working levels are applied to work sets in order to maximise the fat burning effect whilst minimising the risk of lean mass depletion through overworking.

Cardio 90%
Body Composition 70%
Endurance 50%
Strength 20%

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