A high intensity, adrenalin filled interval session specifically designed to improve cardiovascular endurance and body composition.

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Fusion combines Resistance and Cardio training to create the ultimate endurance workout. Specifically designed to improve both cardiovascular and muscular endurance whilst simultaneously promoting fat loss and muscle tone.

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Cardiovascular Endurance

Work across 4 heart rate zones.

Improves cardiovascular endurance, specifically anaerobic performance by challenging participants to work at 4 heart rate zones for varying lengths of time throughout the session.

Body Composition

Anabolic change in body composition

Improves body composition by targeting an overall anabolic change in body composition where the preservation of lean mass is sought whilst fat burning is achieved.


Strict work: rest ratios

Strict work: rest ratios, and working levels are applied to maximise the fat burning effect whilst minimising the risk of lean mass depletion through overworking.

Endurance 80%
Cardio 80%
Body Composition 80%
Strength 50%

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