Gauntlet tests truly balanced fitness levels across our 7 key areas of fitness.

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Designed to test fitness levels across each component of fitness including Endurance, Strength, and Flexibility.

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Athletic Training

Become an Athelete

Gauntlet is designed to build you into becoming an athlete that can cope with any challenge thrown at them. 


Know your strengths

Know your strengths and beat your weaknesses. Find a route to success with guidance on which other class will be best for the area you want to work on.

Find Your Balance

Find Your Balance

Find your focus as we set you easy to understand targets to work towards every 3 months focusing on specific component of fitness.

Strength 50%
Body Composition 50%
Endurance 50%
Cardio 50%
Flexibility 50%
Skill 50%
Functional Movement 50%

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