A body composition class designed to change the shape of your body and improve your posture, as you get stronger, burn fat and tone up.

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A full body workout focussed on improving body composition, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. Shape is a moderate intensity, high volume workout with the focus on resistance training with lighter loads with safe, effective exercise technique.

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Muscular Endurance

Work across 4 heart rate zones.

Improves muscular endurance by utilising resistance training at moderate to low weights and high repetitions.

Body Composition

Anabolic change in body composition

Improves body composition by targeting an overall anabolic change in body composition where the preservation of lean mass is sought whilst fat burning is achieved.


Emphasis on exercise form

Shape utilises careful exercise selection and emphasis on exercise form. This class will place an isolated muscle under load forcing adaption to overcome the resistance, with minimal help from other muscle groups.

Body Composition 80%
Endurance 80%
Strength 65%
Mobility 40%

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