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Corporate Membership


A big benefit for your business. Whether you’re looking to cover all of the membership cost for your team, or just part of it, we can put together a bespoke package for your business.

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Corporate Membership

More than a membership

Staff can run their gym memberships as an HMRC-approved salary sacrifice scheme, either within a flexible benefits programme or as a standalone salary sacrifice benefit.

As well as access to our clubs, our Corporate Memberships include all our member benefits and can also include:

  • In-office exercise classes
  • On site wellness events

Transformation Programmes

12 Week transformation programmes

Our Trained Body Transformation programme applies the most effective forms of exercise & nutrition to promote fat loss and create lean tissue, in the shortest time frame possible, safely and effectively. We provide tailored nutrition guidelines aimed at maximising your results and we’ll measure your body transformation with medical precision.

Private Group Training

Private Group Training

Step into the club for an exclusive private group booking.  Keep the high fives flying long after the first sprint with the Equilibrium at Work corporate program.

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Our corporate memberships can also include workshops addressing common workplace health issues – from stress and mindfulness to posture and nutrition. Complete the form and a membership advisor will be in touch to understand how we can help you reach your full potential.