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Personal Training

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Whatever your goal,  at every step you’re driven by a passionate personal trainer will make it happen. Working with our personal trainers to deliver results. You and your dedicated personal trainer work together to reach your full potential.

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01. Goals

First we discover your goals

All our training starts with a one to one consultation, to discover what your goals are and what obstacles stand in your way. Taking into account medical and fitness history, we will help you to set realistic short, medium and long term goals personal to you.

02. Partner

Second, we find you a partner.

Next, we find you your partner, a trainer unique to your goals and personality. A trainer will be assigned to determine your body’s current ability, recording your current starting point so you can measure your success over time.

03. Programme

Then, we get you where you want to be.

A full program is formulated using your assessment data with a combination of free weight, body weight, and machine-driven exercises. We structure each workout regime with relevant exercises and variables – reps, sets, rest, load and tempo – to get an effective response and enable your body to adapt to your goals so your routines are specifically designed for you, and only you.



Results are not just nice to have — they’re what motivate us. Below you will find case studies and interviews with some of our clients.

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We only recruit industry experienced Personal Trainers, with every Equilibrium Personal Trainer undergoing a rigorous, science-backed education. From body transformation through to strength and conditioning training, we have all of your personal training covered. Every Equilibrium trainer delivers an unparalleled training program proven to deliver real results.

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Whatever your impossible, personal training can make it happen. Complete the form and a membership advisor will be in touch to understand how we can help you reach your full potential.